Wednesday 31st

Another cold, clear, night but the temperature only dropped to 3.4°C. Brindled Beauty and Agonopterix yeatiana were new for the year.

Brindled Beauty 31st March 2021 I Hunter
head on Brindled Beauty. 31/3/2021. I Hunter

Tuesday 30th

A few actinic traps were in The Elms and an mv trap ran in the carpark. They both did well considering it was clear all night with the temperature falling to 1.5°C. The Elms contained one Diurnea fagella, an Early Thorn, 14 March Moths, three Dotted Borders, three Early Greys, a Chestnut, a Pale Pinion, three Clouded Drabs, two Small Quakers, 23 Hebrew Characters, and a Twin-spotted Quaker.

The Obs trap had 25 moths of ten species including the first Dotted Chestnut for the year and another Pale Pinion.

Thursday 25th

A couple of actinics were placed in The Elms last night but unfortunately the conditions were a lot colder than forecast. The cloud must have cleared quite early. There were a few Hebrew Characters, a Dotted Border, and an Agonopterix arenella. The carpark trap held the first Small Quakers of the year, a few Red Chestnuts, Hebrew Characters, Clouded Drabs, and Common Quakers, plus a Twin-spotted Quaker and an Agonopterix ocellana. The latter two are just about annual here.

Tuesday 23rd

A trap at the Observatory was rather good considering it was clear overnight. Inside were Dotted Border, 12 Hebrew Characters, four Clouded Drabs, one Early Thorn, one Oak Beauty, five Early Greys, two Common Quakers, and two March Moths. The trap on Sandown Road added Red Chestnut for the year.

Oak Beauty by R.Downey

Monday 22nd

A bit cooler last night and so there were only six moths at Sandown Road, five were Hebrew Characters and the sixth was a Twin-spot Quaker which was new for the year.

Sunday 21st

At last the strong, cold, wind and/or rain stopped and it was suitable to put a trap out. The Sandown Road trap held 14 moths. Two Clouded Drabs and a Double-striped Pug were new for the year and there were eight Hebrew Characters and three Common Quakers.