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January 29th

With the forecast set for mild last night the trap was out again and indeed the temperature did not drop below 8.4°C but the wind got up. Once again there were no moths in the trap. parasitic wasps increased to two.

January 23rd

In a fit of enthusiasm induced by the forecast of a mild spell and the presence of a few bees on the crocuses the trap was unleashed last night. Although it was mild during the day and the forecasters said the temperature only dropped to seven or eight our thermometer went down to 4.2°C which, although mild for this time of year, resulted in exactly zero moths,two yellow dung flies and a parasitic wasp of some sort.

Wednesday 3rd

And the prize for the first moth of 2018 goes to ….. Winter Moth (unsurprisingly). Just the one fluttering around the carpark so far.