The winter is a quiet time for moths but think of it as a perfect time for planning your year. Sandwich Bay is rapidly cementing itself as one of the UK’s premier sites for moth trapping with over 1,200 species recorded and more BAP species than anywhere else. Particularly notable are RDB3 species such as Bright Wave and Restharrow with almost their entire UK distribution centered right here. So why not plan a visit to us this year and see some great moths for yourself? Get in touch at to enquire about accommodation and more.

Beautiful Marbled 26.8.15
Beautiful Marbled 26.8.15

Wednesday 27th

Still no trapping due to the heavy frosts but an image of the recent Pale Brindled Beauty.

Pale Brindled Beauty.24/2/19 I Hunter
Pale Brindled Beauty.24/2/19 I Hunter

Sunday 24th

This time the temperature dropped to -1.7°C but the warmth of the day was enough to tempt out two moths- another Pale Brindled Beauty and a Hebrew Character.

According to the web temperature prediction it will not drop below 5 tonight but the tv forecast was different pointing to -4°C. The moth trap was given a rest as the latter forecast appears to be closer to the truth.

Saturday 23rd

The temperature did not drop below the heady heights of 3.8°C and one moth was tempted out- a Pale Brindled Beauty.

Friday 22nd

Even though there is talk of warm plumes of air the night time ignores this. Last night it was down to -0.5°C. No moths bothered to be out and about.

Thursday 21st

Despite warm sunny days (in the open the thermometer was up to 28°C) the nights remain cold, 2.8°C last night. There was only one moth in the trap a Hebrew Character, which at least was new for the year.

Thursday 14th

The beautiful, warm, days tempted me to dig the trap out. However a clear night saw the temperature drop to -1.2°C and the trap was covered in frost. Two moths did make it onto the outside of the trap, an Early Moth and a Dotted Border.

Saturday 9th

Our second moth species of the year creeping onto the list concerns a Dark Chestnut rescued from a spider’s web in the hide at Restharrow Scrape.