Sunday 18th

An encouraging forecast was enough to try a trapping session, but as it turned out the thermometer dropped to 3 degrees and rain arrived late in the night. Nevertheless, a Pale Brindled Beauty was found on the trap, which looks like it will have to keep us going for the next couple of weeks, which are forecast to be very cold overnight. There was also a Brown House Moth in the trap which was the first moth to acually make it in to the trap.

Pale Brindled Beauty 19 Feb 2018 I Hunter
Pale Brindled Beauty 19 Feb 2018 I Hunter


February 6th

Despite snow flurries and the thermometer registering no more than 4 degrees, a Dotted Border was found on the kitchen window this afternoon. Our second moth of the year, following the discovery of a Winter Moth outside the building on January 2nd.

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