Wednesday 18th

The horrible weather has allowed for finishing off of the moth data for 2019. So far the grand total is 356 macro species (joint 5th best total) and 324 micros. There are still one or two gen dets to come in but all in all not a bad year. If you’re interested in visiting us next year for a spot of mothing then do get in touch, either at or

Saturday 14th

A Winter Moth fluttered across the car headlights last night and was the first this winter period.

Saturday 7th

Enough of a drop in the wind to run the trap and the temperature kept just above 7°C. There was just one moth and it was on the outside. It was the first December Moth for the year.

December Moth. 7/12/19. I Hunter
December Moth. 7/12/19. I Hunter

Wednesday 4th

Conditions have either been too wet, too windy, or too cold for running the trap. However we have had some more results from gen. dets. from the summer. These included four new species for the Bay- Dichrorampha alpinana, Phyllonorycter hilarella, Elachista utonella and Parornix torquillella. There were also two seconds for the Bay – Monochroa lucidella and Cnephasia asseclana.