Tuesday January 1st 2019

Happy New Year.

A valiant attempt was made last night to catch a December Moth, which we have not recorded in 2018. it was not successful but a new species for the year was added- Spring Usher!

Spring Usher. 1/1/19. I Hunter
Spring Usher. 1/1/19. I Hunter

Wednesday 12th

A balmy 1.6°C overnight but another attempt was made for December Moth (with no luck). A solitary Chestnut was the only reward.

Saturday 8th

No traps for a few days but a nice Blair’s Shoulder-knot was picked up off a path through Blue Pigeons on Worth.

Monday 3rd

A relatively mild 10.6°C overnight but less moths than a few days ago. Only one made it in, a Red-line Quaker, and a Silver-y on the outside too. The Quaker was our latest ever record by over two weeks with the Silver-y just one day shy of equaling our latest record.