Wednesday 29th

A Red Twin-spot Carpet was disturbed from vegetation in the Whitehouse ringing area.

Monday 27th

There was a Silver Y in the Observatory trap whilst a brief permitted walk produced a Cinnabar and a quite early Crambus lathoniellus. The most unusual record at Sandown Road was on the outside of the trap where there was a young Psyche casta larva. These caterpillars collect small stems of vegetation around them and appear like caddis fly larvae which are so familiar in ponds and streams.

Sunday 26th

The Sandown Road trap haul still remains in single figures each night but a Poplar Hawk-moth was a pleasant surprise last night.

Saturday 25th

No trap last night but another wonder around the Whitehouse paddock produced a handful of Glyphipteryx fuscoviridella.

Friday 24th

Another good night with 47 moths of seven species. Angle Shades dominated again with 27. The first Pebble Prominent of the year was on the wall of the Field Centre whilst around the Whitehouse there were Oblique-stripedElachista maculicerusella, Adela reaumurella, and Aspilapterix tringipennella.

Angle Shades Apr20 SZW
Angle Shades by S.Walton

Thursday 23rd

An excellent 40 moths in the Observatory trap last night despite the temperature dropping to 4°C. Most surprising was the number of Angle Shades with 18 in the trap. I presume there was a mass emergence from somewhere nearby? Chinese Character and Nutmeg were new for the year.

Wednesday 22nd

It was still a little breezy overnight but the winds dropped enough to see a small increase in numbers in the trap. Three Swallow Prominents were the highlights.

Monday 20th

The winds overnight were still very strong. Despite this the trap at the Observatory had a handful of moths with Shuttle-shaped Dart the highlight.

Friday 17th

Another much better night with a few highlights namely Herald, Flame Shoulder, and Pine Hawk-moth. The latter is our earliest record by over a month and a half! Down the road Chocolate-tip and Shuttle-shaped Dart were new for the year.

Early Grey. 17/4/20.I Hunter
Early Grey. 17/4/20.I Hunter

Thursday 16th

The warmer temperatures during the day and overnight cloud cover (at least for the first half the night) meant the Observatory had the best trap of the year so far. There were almost 30 moths in the trap with V-pug, White-spotted Pug, and Swallow Prominent new for the year.

Wednesday 15th

Despite temperatures dropping to 0.3°C there were 13 moths in the trap at the Observatory, most of which were Hebrew Characters with a few Clouded Drabs, a Red Chestnut, and an Angle Shades. The same cannot be said for the Sandown Road trap where the only moth was another E. sulphurella.

Sunday 12th

A bit of cloud last night helped the Sandown road trap make its first double figure catch of moths this year. Least Black Arches was new for the year.

Friday 10th

The Sandown Road trap had two macros – a Streamer and a Red Chestnut.

Red Chestnut. April 10th 2020 I Hunter
Red Chestnut. April 10th 2020 I Hunter

Thursday 9th

The trap at the Observatory finally made it back into double figures. Most of which were Hebrew Characters though. There was another Early Thorn and an Early Grey.

Muslin April 9th 2020 I Hunter
Muslin April 9th 2020 I Hunter

Wednesday 8th

Despite high hopes the temperature last night remained low. There was a small increase in fortunes with our second Early Thorn and first Muslin of the year at the Observatory.

The biggest competition at present is provided by the ‘super moon’ which out-competes the light bulb. The trap just down the road added Double-striped Pug and Angle Shades.

Esperia sulphurella 8th April 2020 I Hunter
Esperia sulphurella 8th April 2020 I Hunter

Tuesday 7th

The start to the month has been particularly quiet. Clear skies last night brought temperatures down to 2.2°C and only two moths made it into the trap, both Hebrew Characters. The cloudy easterlies tonight might help out a bit.

Monday 6th

A Streamer and Eudonia angustea were first for the year on Sandown Road.

Sunday 5th

Agonopterix arenella was new for the year down the road

Thursday 2nd

Powdered Quaker was new for the year. The trap on Sandown Road added Early Grey, Muslin and Red-green Carpet.