Thursday 30th

The overnight session produced just two moths, a situation that was elevated marginally by the presence of a Clouded Border in the Whitehouse this morning. The year so far is shaping up very much like it did in the cold, dry spring of 2013 when only 28 macro species had been recorded by the end of April: this year’s total, with just one night to go, is 29. Badger had recorded 79 macro species by now last year.

Tuesday 28th

Despite the near-freezing temperature, Shuttle-shaped Dart was trapped last night and Common Carpet was found this morning, in a warm and sheltered spot away from the icy wind.

Saturday 24th

The forecast seemed good, so the trap was put out last night, resulting in a catch of 20 macros; still pathetic for the time of year. However, it did include the year’s first Small Elephant Hawk-moth, contrarily only one day later than the earliest previously recorded, Nutmeg and Flame Shoulder.

Monday 20th

The last couple of nights have produced pretty appalling totals of 3 and 6 moths, so the appearance of a Cinnabar near the shore this morning was a welcome surprise.

Thursday 16th

Quiet again, last night did at least entice the first Angle Shades of the year into the trap.

Wednesday 15th

Last night’s efforts were rewarded with the first Diamond-back (a migrant) and Herald of the year.

Tuesday 14th

Muslin was new for the year last night in a parsimonious catch of 20 moths.

Monday 13th

38 moths last night, including the first Dark Sword-grass of the year, and Oblique Striped during daylight today.

Saturday 11th

Lead-coloured Drab by Ian Hunter
Lead-coloured Drab by Ian Hunter

Things continue to improve slowly, with a catch of over 40 macros last night that included the first Small Quaker, Early Thorn, Powdered Quaker and Red Chestnut of the year. Star of the show, however, was this LEAD-COLOURED DRAB; a first for the Observatory.

Friday 10th

Things continue to limp along, though the familiar low numbers and variety were elevated somewhat by a Streamer, liberated from the wall of the Obs. Although this is only the fifth year that this species has been recorded, since the first in 2005 it has now occurred in four of the last six years.

Saturday 4th

Although numbers were barely improved last night, the trap did at least hold the first Chestnut of the year.

Friday 3rd

Last night’s efforts resulted in a catch of only three species, including the first Early Grey of the year, delicately laced with oil of bergamot.