Sunday 13th

Overnight fog turned what could have been a mild night into a cooler, damp, one. The moths on Sandown Road were not impressed and just a Large Yellow Underwing and an Epiphyas postvitana were caught.

Friday 11th

A bit more cloud last night and a mild, but strong, breeze kept the temperature above 12.5°C. Two December Moths were new for the year. Nearly all the others were migrants - three Rush Veneers, two Rusty-dot Pearls and single Vestal, Dark Sword-grass, Pearly Underwing and Silver Y.

Thursday 10th

A clear sky showed just how bright the moon is at present and also allowed the temperature to go down to 8.8°C. There were 12 moths of 10 species. Six of these-two Rush Veneers and single Silver Y, Rusty-dot Pearl, Diamondback and Delicate were potential migrants or progeny of migrants.

Saturday 5th

With stormy conditions until last night it was impossible to run the trap. It did improve last night but the clear sky showed up a very bright moon. As the day broke the temperature fell to 2.3°C. There were only four moths in the trap - three November Moth aggs and a Red-line Quaker.

Unfortunately the conditions for the next few nights do not look suitable.

Tuesday 1st

The forecast implied that there would be a couple of hours before the stormy weather arrived and so the trap was placed carefully in a slightly sheltered spot. In the end it was windy all night but the trap survived. There were only 14 moths of 11 species. One Rush Veneer ventured into the trap along with yet another Box Tree Moth. The next couple of nights will be unsuitable for trapping and it will be interesting to see if any migrants are left after that.