Friday 13th

Not much to report moth-wise with the horrible weather recently, but a female Winter Moth was found on the gate to Middle Field.

Female Winter Moth by S.Walton

Friday 6th

Last night started at a balmy 12.5°C but the wind picked up significantly. Once again there were no moths

Tuesday 3rd

Although it was calm the sky was clear and the temperature dropped to -0.5°C. There were no moths!

Monday 2nd

They might have got the rainfall wrong but it was a mild night with a minimum of 6.9°C. We do not often have such an opportunity and so the trap was out. There were 18 moths of six species plus a Great Silver Diving Beetle and a Dytiscus marginalis. The highlight was a Diamondback, our previous earliest record was March 14th. It is not impossible that with only the one short very cold spell that is is of local provenance. The other moths were more of what is expected; 11 Winter Moths, two Mottled Umbers, two Acleris hastianas and single Chestnut and Dark Chestnut.

A Red Admiral flying around in the sun qualifies as an honorary moth.