As summer arrives the excitement switches somewhat from the Avian records and we can focus a little more on other sightings. June is an excellent month for flora and below are some of the plants you can find out and about at the moment.

Southern Marsh-orchid by Steffan Walton

Southern Marsh-orchids spring up in droves every year in our Whitehouse area, and will soon be joined and replaced by Marsh Helleborines which are on their way up now. Over 1,400 Southern Marsh-orchids were counted on the 9th of June on the Sandwich Bay Estate.

Southern Marsh-orchid by Steffan Walton

Buttercups by Becky Johnson

Buttercups blanket most of the open areas of short grass, the above photo was taken in the Whitehouse. We mainly see Creeping and Meadow varieties but Bulbous does occur as well.

Bee Orchid by Becky Johnson

A single Bee Orchid has been found in our Whitehouse which has caused quite a bit of excitement as they are quite rare in the recording area and never regular. The best place to find them is at the old Hoverport in Pegwell where good numbers can be found. A cracking little site to explore.

Herb Robert by Becky Johnson

Lesser Stitchwort by Becky Johnson

The Elms is still going strong with swathes of Herb Robert and Green Alkanet (see our sightings from last month for some great photos of this by clicking here) and Lesser Stitchwort has now taken over most of the pathways near the entrance as well.

Trefoil by Becky Johnson

Sea Holly by Becky Johnson

A walk along the beach is possibly the most interesting at the moment with Sea Holly out in flower and vast amounts of Bird’s-foot Trefoil along the grass verges, a dramatic image with views of Pegwell and Ramsgate in the distance!


Yellow Horned Poppy

Yellow Horned Poppy is also flowering in places along the shore whilst Pyramidal Orchids are cropping up in good numbers all over the beachfront and golf courses and on the Estate as well. We have around 1,500 Bedstraw Broomrapes along the beach too! Bedstraw broomrape is a real Sandwich Bay specialty holding almost all UK records but Common Broomrape is also abundant in the area.

Pyramidal Orchids by Becky Johnson

The stars of the show though have to be the Lizard Orchids, which are now out in their full glory! Apparently they smell like goats!? (click photos to enlarge). The best places to see them at the moment are along King’s Avenue and on the beachfront itself. Please be careful if coming to visit and see these gorgeous plants as they are protected under Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (click here to find out more about what this means).

Lizard Orchid. Photo by Becky Johnson.

Time to enjoy the Lizard Orchids - photo by Becky JohnsonLizard Orchids

If you have found something interesting in our recording area we would love to hear about it and feature your photos here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at