Saurday 23rd November

Sadly the Vagrant Emperor did not move much from where it was found until it was picked up dead today.

Wednesday 20th November

Our prize VAGRANT EMPEROR was still present and correct today, showing well to a steady stream of admirers.

Vagrant Emperor Nov19 SReynaert (3)
Vagrant Emperor by S.Reynaert

Tuesday 19th November

The VAGRANT EMPEROR remains loyal to it’s spot in the Elms. It’s definitely alive, we’ve seen it move it’s legs around and clean it’s eyes. But as far as i’m aware it hasn’t been seen flying yet. It was good to see people coming to visit it today though.

Monday 18th November

Yesterday’s VAGRANT EMPEROR was still present on it’s twig in the Elms. This is the 31st species of Odonata to be recorded in the Sandwich Bay area. I’m pretty that makes us the most bio-diverse site in the UK!

Sunday 17th November

After a few weeks with little to report we thought it was all over. But nature has a way of surprising you of course. Late in the day news emerged of a large dragonfly in the Elms. A few photos were taken by our Conservation Team and confirmed as a female VAGRANT EMPEROR, a new species for Sandwich Bay!

Saturday 9th November

Despite the cold conditions during a spell of sunshine at midday a Migrant Hawker was flying around the Observatory. It becomes our second latest ever record with just one sighting on 10th November 2013 to beat. A Common Darter was still holding on at Restharrow Scrape too.