Monday 28th

A decent tally of 11 species of Odonata on Worth this morning. The clear highlight being our earliest emergence of Scarce Chasers with four present, including three tenerals, whilst Banded Demoiselles were also numerous with 18 recorded.

Monday 21st

57 Emperor Dragonflies, mainly identified from exuviae from an overnight emergence, were found on Middle Field pond, together with the first Red-eyed Damselfly of the spring.

Saturday 12th

This year’s extraordinary run of earliest emergence dates at the Bay continued with the sighting of a Banded Demoiselle on the golf course before rain set in around midday.

Friday 11th

After being apparently absent since the first sighting in late April, Large Red Damselflies were seen again on the Estate and Worth, Broad-bodied Chasers were seen in the same localities and a large emergence of Variable Damselflies was evident along the Delf and other suitable ditches on Worth. The first Common Blue Damselfly of the year was seen in Waldershare Gully and, most notable of all, a Red-veined Darter was seen on Worth – the third record earliest date for a species this year.

Tuesday 8th

It continues to be a most welcome spell of warm weather and this morning brought the first Blue-tailed Damselflies of spring on the Estate and a Broad-bodied Chaser on Worth.

Monday 7th

More warm weather encouraged the appearance of Azure Damselfly for the first time this spring.

Sunday 6th

Sunny conditions on Worth proved fruitful for the first Four-spotted Chaser and Variable Damselflies of the season, and at least six Hairy Dragonflies. In stark contrast to the lateness of the season for butterflies and moths, the dates for both Four-spot and Variable are the earliest on record at the Bay.

Thursday 3rd

Still very quiet on the Odonata front at the moment but a Hairy Dragonfly was performing well in the Elms this afternoon.