Tuesday 30th

Scarce Chaser by Andrew Lipczynski
Scarce Chaser by Andrew Lipczynski

The first Scarce Chaser of the summer was found on Worth this morning, the first time it has ever been recorded in May around these parts.

Friday 26th

28 Four-spotted Chasers were on the wing around New Downs New Pool and 3 Red-veined Darters were on Restharrow Scrape.

Wednesday 24th

A Red-veined Darter on New Downs was the earliest Bay record by three days and our total of Variable Damselflies has now passed 1,400.

May 22nd

The season’s first Banded Demoiselle was located on Worth this morning.

May 20th

Eager eyes picked out the first Red-eyed and Common Blue Damselflies of the year in Middle Field, both recorded a lot earlier than last year.

May 17th

The BDS national Variable Damselfly survey has had several of us looking in favoured spots for the species and in the last few days at least 900 have been recorded on Worth; clearly an important place for Variables.

May 17th

Warm and humid conditions are helping things along and recent reports have included Broad-bodied Chaser on the Green Wall two days ago, a large emergence of Variable Damselflies yesterday and 3-4 Large Red Damselflies on Worth.

May 11th

Cold NE winds and long overcast periods have hardly helped things so far this month, but Four-spotted Chaser was seen on New Downs yesterday and this morning the first Variable Damselfly was found on Worth.


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