Wednesday 25th

Despite some thoroughly unpleasant weather, at least 27 Emperor Dragonfly exuviae were evident on one of the ponds on the Estate this morning, with one rather sad-looking adult waiting for some warmth in which it might fly.

Friday 20th

A (the?) Large Red Damselfly was seen on the Estate again this morning. Perhaps they only appear on Fridays.

Monday 17th

Several Four-spotted Chasers were on the wing around New Downs New Pool this morning, along with 2-3 Hairy Dragonflies and small numbers of Azure and Variable Damselflies.

Friday 13th

A Large Red Damselfly was found on the Estate this morning. A curious species locally, it appears here less than annually, although it has now been seen in each of the last six years, albeit mostly in very small numbers. There were also at least 3 Hairy Dragonflies along the Delf Stream.

Thursday 12th

The first Azure Damselfly of the season was seen on the Estate this morning.

Monday 9th

The 2016 season is under way! Blue-tailed Damselfly was recorded on the Estate yesterday and again today on New Downs, where at least 8 Variable Damselflies were present.