Wednesday 27th

Large Red Damselfly by Steve Reynaert
Large Red Damselfly by Steve Reynaert

Although cool and breezy weather has continued for most of the month, five Emperor exuviae were found on the 26thand this morning a Large Red Damselfly was basking on brambles, at least eight more Emperor exuviae were evident and two Broad-bodied Chasers were seen in the Oasis.

Sunday 10th

A visit to New Downs was rewarded with 3 Four-spotted Chasers, about 30 Azure Damsels and our first Blue-tailed Damselfly and Variable Damselfly of the season.

Friday 8th

A Broad-bodied Chaser was seen along the Green Wall yesterday and this morning the first Azure Damselfly of the spring and a Hairy Dragonfly were found at The Drove and Mary Bax.

Monday 4th

The first dragonfly of the year was a Hairy Dragonfly, disturbed from a sheltered bit of Restharrow Dunes, with another later in the morning, flushed from Waldershare Gully during the butterfly transect.