Common Blue Damselfly and Azure Damselfly were seen for the first time this spring on the 5th, followed by Blue-tailed Damselfly on the 7th and a substantial and early emergence of 12 Four-spotted Chasers on New Downs on the 12th. The first Variable Damselfly of spring was seen at Mary Bax on the 14th, along with five Hairy Dragonflies, and 2 Large Red Damsels were found at or just outside Middle Field.The first Broad-bodied Chaser of spring was seen in the Whitehouse on the 18th and a Red-eyed Damselfly was seen on the North Stream on the 19th. Three more Red-eyed Damsels were evident on the pond in Middle Field on the 20th, along with 23 Emperor exuviae and 2 Large Red Damselflies.