Monday 29th

A Southern Hawker was in The Elms this afternoon, the first this year.

Wednesday 24th

The good spell continues. A check on a private site produced at least 23 Scarce Emerald Damselflies and one Southern Emerald Damselfly, the first time the latter species has been seen here for five years.

Southern Emerald Damselfly Jun20 AML
Southern Emerald Damselfly by A.Lipczynski

Tuesday 23rd

Another excellent day on the Estate with the first Small Red-eyed Damselflies of the year plus six Red-veined Darters and a Southern Migrant Hawker (i did say to keep an eye open for them!).

Red-veined Darter Jun20 AML
Red-veined Darter by A.Lipczynski

Monday 22nd

At least five Ruddy Darters were on the Estate today plus a couple of Scarce Chasers which seem to have taken up residence around the Observatory. Keep an eye open for Southern Migrant Hawkers which should be emerging now.

Wednesday 17th

Four Emerald, three Variable, four Azure, three Blue-tailed, and two Common Blue Damselflies were on the Estate today.

Tuesday 16th

Out early on the Green Wall and a few Scarce Chasers and a Four-spotted Chaser were seen. Later in the morning a good look around Worth marshes recorded three Norfolk Hawkers, 14 Scarce Chasers, seven Four-spotted Chasers, one Hairy Dragonfly, three Black-tailed Skimmers, three Banded Demoiselles, and four Common Blue Damselflies.

Norfolk Hawker Jun20 AML
Norfolk Hawker by A.Lipczynski

Sunday 14th

A couple of Scarce Chasers were around the Observatory garden today, a strange record.

Saturday 13th

A storming morning on Worth marshes with exceptional numbers of Norfolk Hawkers. At least 11 were seen along the Delf and next to Roaring Gutter. All signs of a now resident population. There were also six Scarce Chasers, three Hairy Dragonflies, seven Four-spotted Chasers, three Black-tailed Skimmers, ten Variable Damselflies, and one Red-eyed Damselfly.

Wednesday 10th

An afternoon wander around New Downs saw Ruddy Darter, Four-spotted Chaser, and a handful of Blue-tailed Damselflies in mostly overcast conditions.

Tuesday 9th

A handful of Variable Damselflies were in the ditch bordering the edge of the Great Wood on Worth and a few of the usual suspects were seen on the Estate.

Four-spotted Chaser Jun20 SReynaert (1)
Four-spotted Chaser by S.Reynaert

Sunday 7th

A good mix on Middle Field pond included 18 Red-eyed Damselflies whilst 14 Scarce Chasers were on Worth marshes

Wednesday 3rd

At least one Norfolk Hawker continues to be seen along the Delf on Worth and our first Common Darter was on the Estate.

Tuesday 2nd

Another good day exploring pools on the Estate. Totals included four Broad-bodied Chasers, two Four-spotted Chasers, five Emperors, eight Black-tailed Skimmers, one Ruddy Darter (new for the year), one Hairy Dragonfly, 19 Blue-tailed Damselflies, 15 Common Blue Damselflies, ten Azure Damselflies, and five Emerald Damselflies (new for the year), plus exuviae of Red-eyed Damselfly and Red-veined Darter.