Sunday 30th

A brief check of a few pools on the Estate produced 28 Black-tailed Skimmers, four Common Darters, four Emperors, one Emerald Damselfly, three Red-eyed Damselflies, and four small Red-eyed Damselflies.

Friday 28th

A few sightings from New Downs today included ten Ruddy Darters, one Common Darter, one Four-spotted Chaser, one Emperor, and five Black-tailed Skimmers. Shame it didn’t get sunny until i was on my way back!

Sunday 23rd

Another three Scarce Chasers on the Estate at the same place, the Haven again, which seems to the epicentre of their activity on the Estate. Seven Black-tailed Skimmers were on RSGGC and the first Small Red-eyed Damselflies were in Middle Field.

Saturday 22nd

A good wander around the Estate again produced four Emerald, 20 Azure, and 60 Blue-tailed Damselflies, four Black-tailed Skimmers, two Four-spotted Chasers, two Emperor Dragonflies, and a Ruddy Darter.

Friday 21st

Four Scarce Chasers along the Haven was a decent count for the Estate whilst the first four Common Darters appeared too.

Tuesday 18th

Walking around the Estate in warm, but not necessarily sunny conditions, produced our first two Ruddy Darters of the year and four Black-tailed Skimmers.

Sunday 16th

A morning’s ramblings saw two Scarce Chasers and a Broad-bodied Chaser in the Haven.

Tuesday 11th

Despite the rather grey skies our first Red-veined Darter of the year was spied in the Dragonfly Pond field whilst another Darter sp in the Whitehouse avoided detection.

Red-veined Darter Jun19 AML
Red-veined Darter by A.Lipczynski

Sunday 9th

Despite it progressively clouding over there were four Four-spotted Chasers on Worth. A Variable Damselfly in Middle Field was unusual.

Thursday 6th

Three Scarce Chasers on Worth this morning.

Sunday 2nd

Three Four-spotted Chasers, seven Broad-bodied Chasers, and eight Black-tailed Skimmers were excellent counts on the Estate today.

Saturday 1st

The best day of the year so far with 11 species. Two Banded Demoiselles, eight Red-eyed Damselflies, four Emperors and two Hairy Dragonflies were of note on the Estate, with 14 Banded Demoiselles on Worth.