Friday 29th

At least 7 Red-veined Darters were seen along Prince’s beach track and the pools at the north end of the golf course, among a decent variety of other species, despite a frisky NE breeze.

Tuesday 26th

More Small Red-eyed Damselflies on the Dragonfly Pond today with a few Emerald Damselflies too. An impressive 15 Black-tailed Skimmers were on or around Restharrow Scrape and two nice male Red-veined Darters were zipping about with them.

Saturday 23rd

The first emergence of Small Red-eyed Damselflies were discovered on Middle Field pond today with at least 12 present.

Friday 22nd

A good emergence of Ruddy Darters found around New Downs New Pool in the morning with a minimum of 66 seen. Emperors, Four-spotted Chasers, and Black-tailed Skimmers were all nudging double figures whilst a single male Red-veined Darter was on the South Pool.

Wednesday 20th

A Red-veined Darter was patrolling the road near Restharrow Scrape, with another six inside and a single also in Middle Field, whilst the summer’s first Brown Hawker zipped across some brambles along the Ancient Highway.

Tuesday 19th

Following last Friday’s news, two Norfolk Hawkers were seen along the Delf Stream this morning.

Friday 15th

As well as slightly increased numbers of the species mentioned two days ago, a Norfolk (Green-eyed) Hawker was found on the Delf Stream on Worth this morning.

Wednesday 13th

Well over 1,000 Odonata recorded in the summer sun today. Three Red-veined Darters on Restharrow Scrape were probably the pick of the bunch though the first ten Ruddy Darters were around Prince’s Reservoir on New Downs. A decent emergence of Black-tailed Skimmers saw 23 on Worth, five on Restharrow Scrape, and six on New Downs.

Monday 11th

Despite the lateness of the spring for most things, for dragonflies it continues to be a remarkably early year. Three Emerald Damselflies on Jubilee Field were the sixth species to be recorded on a record earliest date this year.

Friday 8th

A warm, sunny morning for a change prompted a walk along Prince’s beach, which was notable for several freshly-emerged Common Darters, as well as two views of ‘red darters’ that were probably Red-veined, but they did not wish to be examined and flew off. All very frustrating.

Sunday 3rd

Five Black-tailed Skimmers on Restharrow Scrape were our first records this year. Two Emperors and a Four-spotted Chaser were also present but most interesting were four ‘red darters’, most probably Common Darter, but keeping too far away to confirm identification.