Thursday 29th

Despite the recent relapse in the weather 5 Emerald Damselflies were perched up in reeds along the North Stream this morning.

Friday 23rd June

There were 2-3 Norfolk Hawkers along the Delf Stream this morning, one of which posed more helpfully than yesterday.

Norfolk (Green-eyed) Hawker by Steve Reynaert
Norfolk (Green-eyed) Hawker by Steve Reynaert

Thursday 22nd June

Norfolk (Green-eyed) Hawker by Andrew Lipczynski
Norfolk (Green-eyed) Hawker by Andrew Lipczynski

A walk along the Delf Stream on Worth ahead of gathering storm clouds was highly productive. As well as at least 50 Scarce Chasers (almost all males), there were several Black-tailed Skimmers and Banded Demoiselles, a Hairy Dragonfly and only the Bay’s second ever GREEN-EYED (NORFOLK) HAWKER. There has been some obvious insect immigration over the past few days in a warm easterly airflow and it is interesting to speculate that the arrival of this creature may have been part of it.

Tuesday 13th June

At least 11 Red-veined Darters were evident on New Downs this morning, with another two on the Estate, so to date we have recorded a minimum of 20 from four different sites.

Saturday 10th June

Needless-to-say Odonata sightings dried up a bit during this past weeks storms and rain showers. Today though things picked back up from where we left it; primarily with Red-veined Darters. One was still on Middle Field Pond on the Estate and an impressive seven were logged on New Downs, the majority around the South Pool.

Saturday 3rd June

Recent warm weather continues to bring the goods and a jaunt across Worth this morning was rewarded with 14 Scarce Chasers and a very early emergence of 15 Common Darters. Red-veined Darters continued on the Estate where the first Small Red-eyed Damselfly was also noted.

Friday 2nd June

Ten species of Odonata were recorded this morning, including at least 3 Red-veined Darters.



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