Tuesday 28th

Banded Demoiselles are again abundant this year, with around 60 on the North Stream this morning, making a  local total of at least 100; remarkable for a species that occurred only in small numbers not many years ago.

Friday 24th

Things have started to pick up in the last few days and this morning was notable for 3 Scarce Chasers on the Estate and at least 4 wandering Banded Demoiselles, well away from their usual haunts on the North and Delf Streams. A Broad-bodied Chaser was also seen and a few Black-tailed Skimmers have been evident over the last few days.

Thursday 16th

A sunny morning presented an ideal opportunity to scour Worth marshes for dragonflies, but for the larger dragons it served to confirm the impression of a rather poor start to the year. Totals included 4 Scarce Chasers, 2 Common Darters (the first confirmed for the year), 4 Emperors, 3 Red-eyed Damsels on the North Stream, a very good total of 66 Banded Demoiselles on the Delf and North Streams, a couple of Hairy Dragonflies and very good numbers (probably over 200) of Variable Damsels.

Monday 13th

The first of the season’s Red-eyed Damselflies were seen this morning.

Wednesday 8th

Worth was fairly productive this morning, with the season’s first freshly-emerged Scarce Chasers, an Emperor and 29 Banded Demoiselles of particular note.

Monday 6th

Highlights of a rather cloudy walk across New Downs were a female Red-veined Darter and 9 Four-spotted Chasers.