The first 16 Emerald Damselflies of the summer were found on Worth this morning.


At least 33 Banded Demoiselles and 22 Scarce Chasers were counted on Worth, mainly along the North and Delf Streams.


Common Darter usually emerges ahead of Ruddy Darter, but both were on the wing at New Downs New Pool this morning. The Common Darter was one day earlier than previously recorded locally, but Ruddy Darter has never previously been noted before June 26th, so this was fully two weeks earlier than usual.


29 Banded Demoiselles were counted along the North Stream – remarkable for a species that until recently did not occur annually.


Despite overcast conditions there was a notable concentration of 60 Variable Damselflies on Worth marshes this morning.


Warm weather tempted out 10 Scarce Chasers along the Delf Stream, a Red-veined Darter on Restharrow Scrape and our first 3 Black-tailed Skimmers of the season.


A female Banded Demoiselle on brambles at Backsand Scrape on the 1st was most unusual, being a species normally found along the North and Delf Streams.