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Tuesday 31st

Five more Willow Emerald Damselflies have been recorded since the first on Friday.

Friday 27th

Another day, another Southern Migrant Hawker. It has now been recorded at three sites in the recording area, unfortunately two of them private with no access. However with so many around Kent at the moment it is worth keeping your eyes open anywhere. Another recent colonist to put in an appearance was our first Willow Emerald Damselfly of the year seen yesterday evening on Worth by the Great Wood.

Tuesday 24th

Southern Migrant Hawkers continue to appear, with six at the original site yesterday and two more on Worth this morning. Not far from just as remarkable, at least 34 Brown Hawkers were recorded today, including 24 on Worth. This is almost certainly a record count for the Bay in recent years. Both Large and Small Red-eyed Damsels were on the North Stream, with a couple of Scarce Chasers still in evidence. And an excellent number of Blck-tailed Skimmers were on the Estate with at least 37 present, whilst the second Southern Hawker of the year was along Guilford Rd.

Saturday 21st

A stroll along the North Stream to the old Shooters Pool on Worth revealed an emergence of Emerald Damselflies. A total of 91 were counted but I imagine if the whole area had been covered then many hundreds more would’ve been seen. The usual suspects were out on the Estate today but of note were eight Black-tailed Skimmers, one Brown Hawker, and six Emperors all ovipositing on the new pools dug out on RSGGC, the first dragonfly records for the site.

Thursday 18th

Southern Migrant Hawker by Andrew Lipczynski
Southern Migrant Hawker by Andrew Lipczynski

Two or three male Southern Migrant Hawkers were present this afternoon, hopefully indicating a consolidation of their position locally. This is the 29th Odonata species to have been recorded at the Bay, stimulating a good deal of discussion about what number 30 might be. Place your bets here, folks, responsibly of course.

Tuesday 17th

A breezy but sunny morning enlivened by a good deal of odonata activity. Ruddy Darters were numerous; they seem to be having an excellent summer with double figures in all parts of our recording area. Three Migrant Hawkers were at the Point including one teneral individual indicative of local breeding. An Emerald Damselfly was unusual in Waldershare Gully whilst one-two Norfolk Hawkers were seen along the Delf on Worth yesterday. The biggest news however was the discovery in the morning of our first ever SOUTHERN MIGRANT HAWKER. This species is undergoing a rapid change in the UK from extremely rare vagrant to now a very localised breeder with the only resident population known from the Thames estuary.

Southern Migrant Hawker
Southern Migrant Hawker (S.Walton)

Sunday 8th

2-3 Norfolk Hawkers were buzzing about on the Delf Stream, continuing the recent spate of records of this expanding species. The photo is by Andrew Lipczynski.Norfol Hawker July 18 AML