Wednesday 29th

The guided Dragonfly walk on Worth Marshes today was a great success and as soon as the sun burned through the clouds the Dragonflies performed spectacularly. Three Banded Demoiselles, three Red-eyed Damselflies, 40+ Blue-tailed Damselfies, two Variable Damselflies, three Emerald Damselflies, 13 Azure Damselflies and 20+ Common Blue Damselflies allowed excellent opportunities to provide lessons on identification. Dragonflies were also in good numbers with seven Norfolk Hawkers, seven Scarce Chasers, nine Black-tailed Skimmers, three Emperors and one Four-spotted Chaser all present.

Tuesday 28th

A female Southern Hawker was patrolling the Whitehouse in the evening.

Sunday 26th 

A Lesser Emperor was on Restharrow Scrape.

Thursday 23rd

Three Red-veined Darters, 23 Black-tailed Skimmers, four Emperors, five Four-spotted Chasers, and two Common Darters were on the Estate.

Wednesday 22nd 

Six Emerald Damselflies were around the Dragonfly Pond along with our first Ruddy Darter of the year.    

Saturday 18th

Our last Dainty Damselfly walk of the year was a success with at least 110 individuals seen. They seem to be having an excellent year and are turning up in a few places away from the main breeding site. 

Friday 17th 

Six Red-eyed Damselflies were on Middle Field pond. 

Wednesday 15th 

At least 150 Dainty Damselflies were on the wing.     

Tuesday 14th

Our first Southern Hawker of the year was in The Elms, a favoured spot for these species in the area, and there were two Scarce Chasers around the Haven.

Scarce Chaser S Reynaert

Sunday 12th

Two Scarce Chasers and six Red-veined Darters were good sightings on the Estate today, whilst a number of teneral Common Darters were kicked out of the grass and our first Emerald Damselfly of the year. At least two Norfolk Hawkers were on Worth marshes.

Saturday 11th

Our first Dainty Damselfly guided walk of the year was a success with at least 100 individuals out, plus a bonus Red-veined Darter.

Thursday 9th

A Norfolk Hawker was patrolling along the Guilford Rd between King’s Avenue and the entrance to Middle Field and our first Red-veined Darters of the year were on Restharrow Scrape.

Tuesday 7th

Eight Black-tailed Skimmers and three Emperors were on New Downs and on the way back 13 Banded Demoiselles, 40 Common Blue Damselflies, and 28 Red-eyed Damselflies were on the North Stream along the entrance road to Royal St George’s Golf Course. Just before the entrance to the Worth track there were also 22 Banded Demoiselles.

Saturday 4th

There were 14 Scarce Chasers and our first Norfolk Hawker on Worth today.

Norfolfk Hawker - S Reynaert

Thursday 2nd

Around 50+ Dainty Damselflies were out today.