For those who are not yet aware, SBBOT has been given a great opportunity to purchase the Dragonfly Pond Field where nationally-important numbers of Dainty Damselfly are present. Please donate what you can HERE as any amount will help us reach our target. And also pass on the information to others, spread the word to local businesses and in the community, and help make our vision a reality. Thank you!

Sunday 30th

A count on Worth provided 20 Common Darters, four Ruddy Darters, two Brown Hawkers, four Migrant Hawkers, six Black-tailed Skimmers, two Emperors, one Small Red-eyed Damselfly, and four Common Blue Damselflies.

Wednesday 26th

Two Southern Migrant Hawkers, four Brown Hawkers, and 55 Migrant Hawkers were on the Estate.

Tuesday 25th

A Southern Hawker was along the Guilford Rd.

Thursday 20th

A female Southern Hawker and a male Southern Migrant Hawker were in the Whitehouse in the morning.

Sunday 16th

A Willow Emerald Damselfly was photographed in The Elms.

Thursday 13th

Two Migrant Hawkers and two Southern Migrant Hawkers were around the Haven/Oasis area.

Southern Migrant Hawker by G.Lee

Wednesday 12th

A Scarce Chaser was rescued from the front of the Observatory!

Monday 10th

Three Southern Migrant Hawkers and our first Migrant Hawker of the year were on New Downs.

Friday 7th

Two Southern Migrant Hawkers were on the Estate.

Thursday 6th

A Southern Emerald Damselfly in The Gullies represented the first record for the Estate. 

Southern Emerald Damselfly by J.Draper

Wednesday 5th

A good variety on the Green Wall included 19 Small Red-eyed Damselflies, 26 Common Blue Damselflies, three Blue-tailed Damselflies, eight Scarce Chasers, one Four-spotted Chaser, ten Norfolk Hawkers, five Southern Hawkers, three Brown Hawkers, four Southern Migrant Hawkers, one Black-tailed Skimmer, three Emperors, 28 Common Darters, and five Ruddy Darters. The counts of the Norfolk, Southern, and Southern Migrant Hawkers were particularly notable.

Our first Willow Emerald Damselfly was also on the Estate and at least 75 Common Darters.

Tuesday 4th

There were at least 35 Black-tailed Skimmers on Worth marshes.