Meet Cleo...

I had lived in Thanet for over 20 years, having no idea SBBOT existed until September 2021 when a contact at the Deal Buddhist group mentioned it.  Searching the website from curiosity, I came across the vacancy for a volunteer shop coordinator.  I felt the role would be a good mutual `fit` as I had worked at the British Red Cross for 17 years. I loved the charity retail sector and environment; the combined elements of recycling, customer service, sign posting services, the best presentation of donated goods through display and merchandising etc., and working with people who gave their time, and energy to raise funds for a good cause was hard work and very rewarding.

When I started at SBBOT, I was given the freedom to re-model and update the shop area, and a budget for expanding the range of products available to bring the shop 'round' for reopening after the lockdown closure. The challenge was finding Items which would appeal to a wide selection of visitors and members alike.

Items available include jam, chutney, socks, handbags, tea towels, pot purri,  coasters, door mats, jigsaw puzzles, mugs, wind chimes, note books, greeting cards, books, toys and so much more.  We are currently sourcing Logo/branded too.

Additionally, there is a good range of snacks and beverages available.

Our volunteer shop & reception team currently number 13 - lucky for SBBOT - with new volunteers joining those who returned after covid restrictions were lifted.

A heart felt 'thank you!' to the shop team volunteers whose commitment has enabled the reopening of the shop and ensures a welcoming presence for visitors.

Interestingly, many of the people who volunteer at SBBOT are not members and/or `Birders`- but like myself,  just enjoy spending time here. It is a lovely environment and the people - staff, volunteers, visitors etc., - are lovely too. New volunteers are always welcome and much appreciated! Contact me if you are interested in volunteering!

Currently we are able to open the shop/reception area 10-1pm Monday to Friday and 1-4 Friday to Sunday.

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