Thursday 28th

The transect season concluded with a whimper, with just 9 butterflies on the final walk on the 27th, but it still ended as the second highest Annual Index in the last 11 years. However, all was not done and dusted as a Long-tailed Blue was photographed on the beach at Prince’s Lodge this morning.

Long-tailed Blue by Keith Heaven
Long-tailed Blue by Keith Heaven

Friday 14th

There were at least 31 Red Admirals on the Estate yesterday and this morning that had risen to 48, of which 41 were nectaring on ivy at the edge of the Little Elms. The spell check doesn’t like the word ‘nectaring’ but the butterflies do, and that’s all that counts.

Tuesday 12th

This week’s transect showed the effects of an unsettled week or so, but still added 54 to this year’s total. Most (26) were Small Heaths but with several Red Admirals – part of an influx of at least 18 on the Estate.

Sunday 3rd

68 butterflies on the transect took this season just beyond last year as the second best year in 11 years of study, bettered only by the Painted Lady year of 2009.


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