Small Copper, Small White, Comma, Small Heath and Speckled Wood were on the wing during the first week of the month and 34 Red Admirals were on the Estate on the 3rd, mostly on ivy in the Elms, with 2 flying S along the shore. Clouded Yellows coninued to appear into the last week of the month and a Painted Lady and a very late Common Blue were on the Estate on the 27th. At least 5 Clouded Yellows and a Speckled Wood were seen on a near-tropical 31st.


A Common Blue on the new spillway on New Downs on the 1st was the latest ever to have been recorded at the Bay and despite deteriorating weather a Red Admiral was seen between spells of rain on the 4th. A Painted Lady and a Clouded Yellow were seen in bright sunshine on the 6th and despite the onset of unsettled weather our latest ever Speckled Wood was seen on the wall of the Observatory on the 20th.