Tempting though it might be to say so, the BMS transect this morning showed a glimmer of hope for improvement, with a total of 31 butterflies including 10 Common Blues.


25 butterflies were recorded on the transect this morning, including the first Brown Argus of the spring, while totals for the day included 2 Walls, a Common Blue and a Holly Blue in the Elms. Whilst it is true to say that this spring has not been easy, it is by no means the worst start to a butterfly year that we’ve experienced in the recent past. Cumulative totals at the end of week 8 of the transect in 2012 and 2013 were 69 and 31, respectively, which compares to 108 at the same stage this year.


Painted Lady by Roly Wells-Colyer
Painted Lady by Roly Wells-Colyer

There were at least 9 Painted Ladies this morning, including 4 flying manically towards Glasgow, and a Red Admiral also flew strongly N. Otherwise, the first Common Blue of the season was on the Estate and a Wall was basking at on the wall of Restharrow, appropriately enough.


5 Painted Ladies this morning, coinciding with our first Silver-y moth of the year.


Transect day came as a considerable relief after the last two wind-blown days, though the total of only 19 butterflies illustrates that things continue to struggle to move on much.


The first 2 Painted Ladies of the season were seen this morning and the BMS transect featured double figure numbers for the first time, including the first 2 Small Heaths of the spring and decent numbers of Green-veined Whites; easily the most abundant butterfly of the day.