Sunday 30th

FINALLY, the weather was suitable to complete the BMS transect. And it was worthwhile with 416 butterflies of 11 species. Small/Essex Skippers and Marbled Whites both numbered over 100 each but the major highlight was the first RINGLETS ever to be recorded on the Sandwich Bay transect. After a sighting in 1986, 30 years went by without a record until one in 2017. This was followed by two in 2018 and these two today. This recent upturn suggests a clear colonisation attempt.

Friday 28th

A good count from New Downs once the sun broke through; ten Small Whites, two Large Whites, 24 Marbled Whites, 55 Small Skippers, 12 Essex Skippers, one Common Blue, two Holly Blues, one Small Copper, one Gatekeeper, 24 Meadow Browns, and 56 Small Heaths. A Clouded Yellow was on the Estate.

Thursday 27th

Another batch. Totals of 27 Painted Ladies and 19 Red Admirals on the Estate today.

Wednesday 26th

Despite the grey cloud and breezy conditions 19 Painted Ladies could be found on the Estate. I can only imagine what the number would’ve been like if it’d been sunny and calm.

Friday 21st

The Painted Lady influx continues with 22 on the Estate today.

Wednesday 19th

Counts of 18 Marbled Whites, 15 Meadow Browns, and 20 Small Skippers all in the Whitehouse show what can be achieved when the weather decides to play ball. Our first Essex Skipper of the year was also picked out.

Tuesday 18th

A Clouded Yellow was a nice surprise along the path between Little Gully and the Estate Beach. Though it was still too cloudy to do the BMS transect there were good numbers around mid morning.

Sunday 16th

A good count of 15 Large Skippers on the Estate today.

Saturday 15th

Four Painted Ladies on New Downs and one on the Green Wall are but a fraction of the number hitting the UK currently. Most of the action seems to be happening in East Anglia and Yorkshire. Hopefully when the weather calms down a bit next week we can get in on the action. Four Small Skippers on the Estate and one on New Downs were the first sightings of the year whilst Meadow Browns are slowly becoming more noticeable.

Tuesday 11th

As yesterday Red Admirals and Painted Ladies were noticeable and our first two Marbled Whites of the year were found in the Whitehouse.

Sunday 9th

It was clear a bit of an arrival had occurred overnight as 16 Red Admirals and four Painted Ladies were logged today. Also of note was just the second Small Tortoiseshell since April.

Thursday 6th

A Painted Lady was on Worth despite a breeze that increased throughout the morning.

Wednesday 5th

A Meadow Brown along the track south of the Great Wood on Worth was the first sighting this year.

Monday 3rd

A few Red Admirals around today. They’ve been particularly scarce recently.

Sunday 2nd

Our second sighting of Large Skipper sunning itself around the Haven, though probably the same individual seen a few days ago.