Wednesday 24th

The transect walk today showed a distinct improvement with a total of 125 butterflies, including 32 small skippers, 25 Meadow Browns and 37 Small Heaths, though numbers of other species remain low.

Thursday 18th

A freshly-emerged Small Copper was seen in the gullies this morning.

Wednesday 17th

Small Skipper in the Whitehouse by Andrew Lipczynski
Small Skipper in the Whitehouse by Andrew Lipczynski

The first Small Skippers (and possibly, Essex but as yet unconfirmed) were on the wing at the weekend and the BMS transect today illustrated that things continue to struggle in the recently cool and now very arid conditions. 58 butterflies was actually fewer than last week and 58% were Small Heaths, with single figure numbers of Small Skipper, Common Blue, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Wall and Meadow Brown helping to make up the remainder, while butterfly of the day was the first Marbled White of the year.

Friday 12th

The BMS transect showed signs of improvement with 60 butterflies, nearly half of which were Small Heaths, with 9 Common Blues, 7 Red Admirals, a Holly Blue, a Wall and 7 Speckled Woods making up the bulk of the rest.

Thursday 11th

The recent cold NE wind slipped around a bit more to the E and it was warmer as a consequence. A few Painted Ladies remain from the weekend’s influx and the first Meadow Brown of the year was on the wing, with 3 Large Skippers in sheltered bits of the Whitehouse.

Sunday 7th

60 Painted Ladies were recorded along the seafront this morning, along with 4 Hummingbird Hawk-moths, and the first Large Skipper of the year was in the Whitehouse yesterday.

Friday 5th

On a warm, humid morning with thunder rolling around a freshly-emerged Peacock and 4 Red Admirals were flitting about between showers and a Painted Lady rattled north across Restharrow Scrape.

Thursday 4th

Tuesday’s rain and gales certainly did nothing to improve things and the transect this morning produced just 28 butterflies, though some freshly-emerged Small Tortoiseshells were evident, hinting at better things to come?