Tuesday 16th

Scorching heat for the BMS transect. Almost 400 butterflies of 13 species were recorded including 186 Gatekeepers.

Friday 12th

New Downs was busy today with 47 Small Whites, 12 Peacocks, and 105 Gatekeepers particularly notable.

Sunday 7th

Now THREE RINGLETS in the Haven area! The times’s they are a-changing . . .

Ringlet Jul19 KEllis
Ringlet by K.Ellis

Thursday 4th

Another busy day with butterflies everywhere. A Large Skipper in Big Gully and a few Commas on the Estate were the first for a while. Three Gatekeepers were luring us into a false sense of security on New Downs.

Small Skipper Jul19 TFlashman (1)
Small Skipper by T.Flashman

Wednesday 3rd

A RINGLET in the Whitehouse was the most notable sighting of the day. Still only our seventh record. Meanwhile 27 Marbled Whites, 87 Meadow Browns, one Small Heath, nine Small/Essex Skippers, seven Painted Ladies, one Gatekeeper, three Green-veined Whites, four Small Whites, one Red Admiral and one Holly Blue were on the Green Wall.

Tuesday 2nd

A busy BMS transect provided 149 Small/Essex Skippers, three Large Whites, 17 Small Whites, two Common Blues, one Red Admiral, 17 Painted Ladies, 146 Marbled Whites, one Gatekeeper, 98 Meadow Browns, and 31 Small Heaths.