Thursday 29th

A Clouded Yellow on the Estate broke the New Downs monopoly.

Wednesday 28th

Another three Clouded Yellows on New Downs today including a nice helice variety. Small White still seems to be the most abundant butterfly.

Monday 26th

Seven Clouded Yellows were spied on New Downs today in the heat.

Saturday 24th

Whizzing around before tomorrow’s Open Day i managed to get the BMS transect done. Small Whites led the way with 31. There was still little in the way of ‘blue’ activity. Though do keep your eyes open for Long-tailed Blue with double figures seen in Sussex this week.

Thursday 22nd

Another Clouded Yellow on New Downs today.

Wednesday 21st

An early walk just after dawn on the Green Wall produced 30+ butterflies, mostly Painted Ladies, suggesting a warmer trip later in the day would be productive. New Downs held at least 35 Small Whites and two Clouded Yellows.

Thursday 15th

A Clouded Yellow was the highlight along the spillway on New Downs today with a decent showing of Small Whites and Brown Argus too.

Holly Blue Aug19 HWillis
Holly Blue by H.Willis

Wednesday 14th

Not the weather conditions for a proper count but it is clear Vanessids continue to be numerous. A few Commas and Small Tortoiseshells are in the mix.

Thursday 8th

A walk along Prince’s Beach found at least 145 Painted Ladies. Another 140 were on the Estate with at least 260 Red Admirals.

Wednesday 7th

The main talking point of the day was the ridiculous emergence of Red Admirals on the Estate. A total of 503 individuals were counted this morning, though no doubt more were around. An amazing sight to behold. Speckled Woods are beginning to rise again and Brown Argus outnumbered Common Blue surprisingly.

Thursday 1st

The next generations of Painted Ladies and Common Blues are becoming apparent and the ‘brown’ butterflies remain very common.