Thursday 29th

There were three Speckled Woods, two Holly Blues, one Common Blue, three Small Whites, and two Red Admirals on the Estate today.

Sunday 25th

There were four Speckled Woods and a Wall on the Estate today in breezy conditions. But with multiple Queen of Spain Fritillaries down the road in Walmer, a Pale/Berger's Clouded Yellow at Cliffe, and wider reports of Bath White and American Painted Lady in the UK this week, anything is possible.

Speckled Wood by H.Willis

Tuesday 20th

An excellent third brood of Walls with six along the edge of the Great Wood (Worth).

Friday 16th

Three Walls and a Clouded Yellow were on the Estate.

Thursday 15th

There was a smart helice Clouded Yellow near the Haven, and another nominate Clouded Yellow at Dickson's corner.

Monday 12th

There were 24 butterflies on the BMS Transect: one Clouded Yellow, two Large Whites, seven Small Whites, two Small Coppers, three Common Blues, two Speckled Woods, two Gatekeepers, and five Small Heaths. An additional two Clouded Yellows were also seen away from the transect.

Sunday 11th

Another two Clouded Yellows today, one at the Point and another around the Observatory.

Saturday 10th

Three Clouded Yellows were on the Estate and a Painted Lady on Worth marshes, suggesting some migration through the area.

Painted Lady by J.Dodds

Monday 5th

There were 12 Small Whites on the Estate early in the morning.

Friday 2nd

Walking around the Estate provided 36 Red Admirals, seven Speckled Woods, five Small Whites, one Holly Blue, six Common Blues, five Small Coppers, two Meadow Browns, five Gatekeepers, and four Small Heaths.