Wednesday 24th

The BMS Transect produced three Orange-tips, five Small Coppers, two Brown Argus, one Common Blue, one Holly Blue, one Red Admiral, two Peacocks, two Speckled Woods, three Walls, and 15 Small Heaths.

Monday 22nd

A count of ten Brown Argus on the Estate comprised a group of eight near the Cellars.

Sunday 21st

Two Walls were on New Downs.

Friday 19th

A Wall on the Green Wall was a rare sight for this area. Another example of terrific spring they've had.

Wednesday 17th

The amazing showing of Walls on Worth continued with at least 14, perhaps, 16 seen today. 

Tuesday 16th

The BMS Transect had 23 butterflies of nine species. Two Walls were of note plus the first Brown Argus of the year. Over on Worth there was an excellent count of ten Walls.

Orange-tip by R.Johnson

Wednesday 10th

Two Orange-tips and one each of Small Copper, Red Admiral, Peacock, and Painted Lady were on the Estate. Meanwhile on Worth marshes there were bigger counts of six Orange-tips, two Large Whites, two Red Admirals, four Peacocks, two Holly Blues, five Walls, and one Speckled Wood.

Tuesday 9th

A Wall, two Orange-tips, a Red Admiral, and a Green-veined White were on New Downs.

Sunday 7th

The BMS Transect produced two Small Coppers, one Holly Blue, two Red Admirals, one Painted Lady, two Peacocks, and two Small Heaths. The latter were new for the year.

Friday 5th

Three Red Admirals were on the Estate and four Peacocks, one Green-veined White, one Orange-tip, and one Speckled Wood were on New Downs.

Peacock by S.Reynaert

Thursday 4th

Firsts are coming thick-and-fast with a Painted Lady on Worth marshes.

Tuesday 2nd

Small Copper was on the Estate and a Holly Blue on Worth marshes, both firsts for the year.

Monday 1st

Four Peacocks, four Orange-tips, three Green-veined Whites, one Small White, and two Small Tortoiseshells were seen on Worth marshes in the morning.