Monday 27th 

Next generation of Brown Argus emerging with one by the Cellars.

Thursday 23rd 

Our first Comma in a few months was by the Little Elms.   

Peacock Caterpillars by H Willis

Tuesday 21st 

The transect was busy with 83 Small/Essex Skippers, six Large Skippers, one Common Blue, six Red Admirals, nine Painted Ladies, three Small Tortoiseshells, one Peacock, 41 Marbled Whites, 39 Meadow Browns, and 28 Small Heaths.  

Monday 20th 

At least 25 Red Admirals were on Worth marshes yesterday and 46 Meadow Browns there today.     

Thursday 16th 

33 Small Heaths, five Common Blues, three Small Tortoiseshells, two Red Admirals at the Point/Prince’s Beach.    

Wednesday 15th  

Discovery of a small colony of White-letter Hairstreak on the Pegwell Bay Hoverport!  

White-letter Hairstreak by Andrew Lipczynski

Tuesday 14th

The BMS Transect recorded 98 butterflies and there was a guided butterfly walk around the Estate in the morning. Combined, the totals were 30 Small/Essex Skippers, five Small Skippers (confirmed by looking at the antennae), three Large Skippers, two Large Whites, three Green-veined Whites, 12 Common Blues, one Holly Blue, three Red Admirals, three Painted Ladies, 30 Small Tortoiseshells, five Speckled Woods, 21 Marbled Whites, 29 Meadow Browns, and 60 Small Heaths.

Holly Blue by Nick Smith

Sunday 12th

Four Large Skippers were around the Haven area.

Thursday 9th

The BMS Transect was quite good with 74 butterflies recorded comprising four Small/Essex Skippers, six Large Skippers, two Small Whites, one Brown Argus, ten Common Blues, four Red Admirals, ten Painted Ladies, 13 Small Tortoiseshells, one Speckled Wood, one Marbled White, and 22 Small Heaths. A Wall and a handful more Painted Ladies were seen on the Estate beach, a Meadow Brown was in the Oasis, and two further Meadow Browns and 16 Small Tortoiseshells were on Worth marshes.

Tuesday 7th

Good numbers of Small Tortoiseshell continue to be seen in the area. Today there were eight on New Downs in addition to 16 Red Admirals, two Painted Ladies, 16 Common Blues, one Speckled Wood, 11 Small Heaths, and our first Small Skipper of the year.

Small Tortoiseshell by H Willis

Friday 3rd

Three Large Skippers on the Estate were the headline. There were also two Small Whites, one Small Copper, eight Common Blues, one Holly Blue, five Small Tortoiseshells, two Speckled Woods, and 16 Small Heaths.

Speckled Wood by C Hill