Wednesday 31st

Apart from a few Small Whites and a lone Small Heath, today on Worth was mostly about Red Admirals with at least 29 seen on a morning walk.

Friday 26th

Two Clouded Yellows were on New Downs this morning.

Tuesday 23rd

A decent enough scattering of butterflies on New Downs today with two Holly Blues, 14 Common Blues, two Brown Argus, one Speckled Wood, 20 Gatekeepers, 12 Meadow Browns, two Red Admirals, 19 Small Heaths, 13 Small Whites, one Large White, and one Small Copper. A fresh Painted Lady was on Worth.

Monday 22nd

The parched conditions continue to limit numbers with only 44 butterflies on today's BMS Transect. Small Heath was most numerous with 18, followed by Gatekeeper with nine and Small White with six.

Wednesday 17th

There was a small emergence of Red Admirals with 18 on the Estate this morning.

Monday 15th

Two Clouded Yellows were on New Downs in the afternoon.

Sunday 14th

Ten Speckled Woods were in the Gullies area.

Saturday 13th

Four more Clouded Yellows were seen along the path today.

Friday 12th

Two Clouded Yellows were seen along the track that runs from the Obs, behind the back of the asparagus fields, to Dickson's Corner.

Monday 8th

Today's BMS Transect was much quieter than usual with only 58 butterflies. The heat and parched ground may be having an affect on the numbers. Four Walls were good to see though, a species that is faring well in the conditions.

Wall by P.Blanche

Friday 5th

Another SMALL BLUE was seen on Worth marshes near Roaring Gutter. I wonder if there's a sneaky patch of Kidney Vetch somewhere in the area?

Thursday 4th

The BMS Transect had 136 butterflies, half of which were Gatekeepers. A smart helice Clouded Yellow was also seen in the Whitehouse.

Wednesday 3rd

Four Brown Argus were in the Whitehouse and a Wall Brown along the Guilford Rd.