Bo Beolens - Treasurer


I grew up in Kent, but left for University as a teenager and then worked as a community worker and later as the CEO of various charities which saw me move around England and Scotland and not returning to Kent until 1995.

Apart from my dim and distant twitching days, I hadn’t visited SBBO until twenty years ago. Living in Margate it’s somewhere I’ve visited frequently ever since.

I’m best known for my column in ‘Birdwatching’ magazine as the ‘Grumpy Old Birder’ or through my website and through that I have birded around the world with Queensland, Namibia, India and Panama being my favourite destinations. I’ve written ten rather esoteric books, mostly on vertebrate eponyms.

I set up the small charity Birding For All and so I’m also known for banging on about disability access to anyone who will listen, and many who don’t! While access should never compromise conservation, any improvements in access should be for everyone. Diversity rules, O.K.?!

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