Friday 30th

After a few days of abysmal weather it was refreshing to see the sun again. It is in fact still there. A wander around the Estate failed to turn up anything too different though two different Barn Owls were seen at dawn and good numbers of Fieldfare and Redwing were about. The big goose flock on Worth has seemingly departed (or lurking somewhere nearby) as despite searching they couldn’t be found. However a small group of four Tundra Bean Goose were discovered on Willow Farm. Other highlights include a Red Kite, 255 Stock Doves, 200+ Wigeons, a Mediterranean Gull, and a Water Pipit.

Thursday 29th

Gale force winds and showers meant most sensible people were hiding indoors. The non-sensible folk recorded four Pink-footed Geese and the escaped Yellow-billed Teal on Worth.

Wednesday 28th

Most of the excitement of the day seemed to revolve around a Yellow-billed Teal that appeared on Restharrow Scrape . . . it was a poor day to be fair. A sea-watch in the afternoon saw a few Kittiwakes off shore and then 110 Fieldfare came in to roost on the Estate.

Yellow-billed Teal Nov18 PColtman
Yellow-billed Teal by P.Coltman

Tuesday 27th

The 88 Pink-footed Geese were just about visible in the dense fog this morning on Worth. At least one Tundra Bean Goose was present with them whilst four White-fronted Geese were a few fields away, with three Jack Snipe and three Woodcocks also present. There were still quite a lot of Fieldfares left over from yesterday with 500 in the area (probably more) whilst the Estate also provided two Firecrests and a Brambling. A nice party of ten Eiders were showing well a few feet offshore and when the fog cleared mid-morning a female Velvet Scoter was found loafing with three Tufted Ducks.

Monday 26th

A good day at the office with the first north-easterlies for some time delivering at least 2,300 Fieldfares. At least 1,500 flew north in the first hour or two after dawn whilst at least 800 were heading to roost on Worth in the evening. Worth continues to be a magnet for ‘grey geese’ as the mighty flock rose to 88 Pink-footed Geese and two Tundra Bean Geese, whilst the two White-fronted Geese were just a hop away at Restharrow Scrape. Adding to the excellent list was a Water Pipit and a flyover male Goosander on Worth too.

Sunday 25th

The Worth Pink-footed Goose flock crept up to 47 today whilst two Water Pipits were seen dropping into roost along the Green Wall. This roost is a relatively recent discovery but is proving quite reliable. If you position yourself on the path between Vigo and Black Sluice looking out over the main reedbed they fly in usually around 15:30.

Saturday 24th

Another hazy shade of winter. The Estate felt quiet in the gloom with six Siskins in the Elms and a Grey Wagtail flying over the picks of the bunch. A walk along the Point was a far better use of time with a Lapland Bunting and six Snow Buntings on the beach. The 35 Pink-footed Geese and two White-fronted Geese were on Worth though still playing hide-and-seek with the visitors. The goose flock is a little difficult to see but can be viewed distantly from Mary Bax or even further from the tower at the Obs. Best i can do folks.

Friday 23rd

The flock of 35 Pink-footed Geese were still hanging out on Willow Farm and two White-fronted Geese were on Restharrow Scrape again. The work the RSPB are doing in creating standing water on Worth is proving dividends with good numbers of wildfowl and waders making use of the site. It also seems to be the most regular site for Water Pipits and two were present today. Listen out for their calls as they move from pool to pool.

Thursday 22nd

A cold morning in the gloom on the Estate saw a Woodcock flushed from Little Gully, a Brambling around the Elms, and a Cetti’s Warbler along the path to Restharrrow Scrape. However a Tawny Owl seen in the early hours of the morning near the Elms was the rarest record. A decent variety was seen away from the Estate too with Great White Egret and two White-fronted Geese over Pegwell, a Bewick’s Swan on New Downs, four Water Pipits on the Green Wall, four Snow Buntings along Prince’s Beach, a Lapland Bunting on RSGGC, and two each of Marsh Harrier and Raven on Worth.

Wednesday 21st

After yesterday’s wash-out it was great to take advantage of the nice weather and explore the various parts of the recording area. There was a clear influx of Geese to keep us occupied with at least 37 Pink-footed Geese on Willow Farm the stars of the show. Two White-fronted Geese were on Restharrow Scrape again and a single was on New Downs. An extra group of nine ‘grey geese’ on Willow Farm escaped identification but were possibly Bean, so keep an eye out. A total count of 317 Greylag Geese were in the area. A female-type Goosander flew south offshore too as well as another batch of six Eiders, whilst a drake Pintail was on New Downs and two possible Bewick’s Swans were seen dropping down onto Worth. At least 1,200 Lapwings and 440 Golden Plovers added to the mix, and a Jack Snipe was amongst 25 Snipes on Restharrow Scrape. Passerines were a little scarce though six Corn Buntings were notable on New Downs and the Snow Bunting flock had increased to five on Prince’s Beach.

White-fronted Goose Nov18 SReynaert
White-fronted Geese by S.Reynaert

Monday 19th

Brrrr, it’s cold out there. A fierce Easterly dominated the morning’s wanderings bringing with it a few wildfowl on the move. Seawatching gave us 51 Wigeons, five Red-breasted Mergansers, two Pintails, and two Goldeneyes mostly going south whilst two White-fronted Geese commuted between Restharrow Scrape and Worth. A new Jack Snipe and an adult Mediterranean Gull were also on Restharrow Scrape.

Sunday 18th

The Cattle Egret popped into Restharrow Scrape briefly this morning with two Little Egrets for company. And i do mean briefly, approximately 29 seconds in total between arriving and leaving. However seven Pintails on Restharrow Scrape were decent enough. An excellent total of 19 Eider flew south offshore. On the Estate a late Swallow was about and a Black Redstart appeared at the Sailing Club. It’s been an appalling autumn for the latter species so hopefully it’s a sign of a few more on their way.

Cattle Egret Nov18 AML (1)
Cattle Egret by A.Lipczynski

Saturday 17th

A change in weather again and as the saying goes a change in birds too. Almost certainly the bird of the day would’ve been the ‘Swift sp’ which flew north along the beach front just after 8am. Unfortunately the observer got little on it and it didn’t stick around and so we continue to wait for a proper Pallid Swift to grace us. A few bits of wildfowl were moving including four Pink-footed Geese south over the Observatory, 17 Shovelers and seven Red-breasted Mergansers offshore, and two ‘small’ Swans which gave us the runaround but were probably Bewick’s. Two Firecrests and two Chiffchaffs were amongst the Goldcrests on the Estate whilst Worth supplied two Peregrines, Merlin, Water Pipit, and Jack Snipe, and three Snow Buntings were along Prince’s Beach.

Pink-footed Goose Nov18 AML
Pink-footed Geese by A.Lipczynski

Friday 16th

Well today was a stark contrast from yesterday’s bliss. The fog and drizzle rolled in during the night leaving everything in a fine film of dampness (including me). Singles of Water Pipit and Green Sandpiper were moving around the pools of floodwater on Worth and the Hacklinge Cattle Egret popped in again by Roaring Gutter. Otherwise a Merlin and a Grey Heron on the beach, plus a Lapwing in the carpark, all seemed to suggest that birds were being grounded by the conditions.

Thursday 15th

What a stunning day to be outside. It may have lacked any star species but to be honest i don’t think anyone minded. A Firecrest was in the Elms and the two Snow Buntings were again on Prince’s Beach.

Wednesday 14th

A day of sunshine meant it was at least a nice day to be out and about. There was a clear-out of thrushes on the Estate but conversely an increase in Lesser Redpolls with at least 35 around, plus a Firecrest trapped and ringed. Four Crossbills and two Water Pipits were the highlights on Worth and the two showy Snow Buntings continue on Prince’s Beach. A little bit of detective work also revealed that the Cattle Egret seen on Worth on Sunday has actually been present in and around Hacklinge for a few days. We took a little diversion just out of the recording area this morning and sure enough the bird was still present commuting to and from Ham Fen.

Short-eared Owl SRay
Short-eared Owl by S.Ray

A particular mention as well to the Short-eared Owls in the area. It’s looking like a good winter for this species with birds present on all three of the golf courses and performing well each evening. These are proving popular with the photographers and for the most part everyone is behaving well. For that i thank you all. Please do make sure though that you don’t trespass on any land and stick especially to public footpaths around the golf courses, ensure your cars are parked well off the road preferably at Restharrow Scrape or the Observatory, and most of all, remember the bird’s welfare comes first so keep your distance.

Monday 12th

Today marked the third day in succession of strong winds and heavy showers. A damp walk around the Estate produced singles of Brambling and Woodcock and in the afternoon a Swift species was seen hawking over Pegwell. Considering the late date and the big numbers of Pallid Swifts currently elsewhere in the UK (and in the Netherlands), it seems likely it was also a Pallid. Unfortunately without definitive views or photographs it is destined to join all the other claims of Pallid Swifts in the bin. One day . . .

Sunday 11th

Another wet and windy day WeBS counting. A flock of two Lapland Buntings and two Snow Buntings along Prince’s Beach were well worth the trek this afternoon whilst an Egyptian Goose was commuting between New Downs and Restharrow Scrape. Late afternoon a Cattle Egret flew across Worth marshes, landed near Roaring Gutter, and then back off towards Betteshanger CP.

Saturday 10th

Grim conditions for a wander across the Worth marshes as part of WeBS counting produced little in the way of wildfowl. However the torrential rain of the last 12 hours has provided a decent amount of standing water and hopes are high for next month’s survey. Without doubt the highlight was a fine Tree Sparrow cavorting with Linnets, Chaffinches, and Reed Buntings in a crop field along the Worth track. Three Jack Snipes were flushed during the survey on the marsh and the Hen Harrier was seen again by Restharrow Scrape. You can hear all about the work the RSPB has done on Worth marshes this past year on Thursday evening (15th) with wardens Gareth Brookfield and Charlotte Pestell talking to us and answering questions. We hope to see you all there.

Friday 9th

A real cold chill in the air today despite the southerly wind direction. The Hen Harrier was quartering the asparagus fields between Restharrow Scrape and the Observatory again, seemingly it’s favoured area, and a Merlin was on Worth. There was a small increase in Goldcrests and Chaffinches on the Estate plus a few Firecrests and Brambling with them as well.

Thursday 8th

The Hen Harrier was hunting on the Estate again with four Firecrests dotted about and a few Lesser Redpolls. A Short-eared Owl was seen at dawn whilst over 900 Lapwings were on New Downs.

Wednesday 7th

A real gale out there produced some movement out to sea with both Black-throated and Great Northern Divers flying past (none with an ivory-white bill though) and a Merlin hunting along the shore.

Tuesday 6th

Another nice day to be out and about (tomorrow’s weather looks particularly nasty in comparison). The Hen Harrier was seen again on New Downs along with 570 Golden Plovers and 850 Lapwings. A Green Sandpiper looks set to winter on the reservoirs there too. The Point was quiet apart from a 2cy Mediterranean Gull at roost whilst a Rock Pipit popped into on Restharrow Scrape late morning. Over 200 Fieldfares were on Worth and at least nine Firecrests were spread across the Estate and up to the Chequers.

Monday 5th

Pleasant conditions again to explore the area, this time out on New Downs for a good wander. Two Water Pipits were flitting around the south pool and giving good comparisons were three Rock Pipits by Backsand Point. At least two Bearded Tits were heard coming from the direction of the north pool though more could be present. A/the Hen Harrier was seen passing through and two Peregrines gave fantastic views sat on fence posts; angering the 300+ each of Golden Plovers and Lapwings looking on. The Estate had three Firecrests, with one at the Chequers, and the Yellow-browed Warbler was still in the Haven.

Sunday 4th

A little quiet on the Estate but three Snow Buntings and five Corn Buntings were along Prince’s Beach, with the touring Hen Harrier still present too. In the evening a Great White Egret headed south over Sandilands towards Worth marshes.

Snow Bunting Nov18 SRay
Snow Bunting by S.Ray

Saturday 3rd

With most people away at the KOS conference (including the Warden as one of the main speakers) the area didn’t get quite the coverage as usual. However news came in of a Long-eared Owl at Mary Bax, Barn Owl on the Estate, four Crossbills north overhead, and a Spotted Redshank on Restharrow Scrape.

Friday 2nd

What a gorgeous day at Sandwich Bay today. Birds performed as well as the weather with 90 Crossbills, 140 Siskins, and two Tree Sparrows north. A good scour of the Estate produced Barn Owl, Woodcock, two Yellow-browed Warblers, and the Hen Harrier again, plus three Jack Snipes on Restharrow Scrape and another two on Worth, and in the evening five Short-eared Owls.

However in the evening things took a even rarer turn when photographs were put online of a summer-plumaged White-billed Diver off of Ramsgate West cliff. If it made it into Pegwell Bay this would be a new species for Sandwich Bay recording area . . .

Thursday 1st

A very wet start to the month with wall-to-wall rain. Not that the Jack Snipe on Restharrow Scrape mind with two performing well once again right in front of the hide. The Hen Harrier put in a brief appearance whilst at least six Firecrests were spread around the Estate. A Water Pipit and a single Swallow were on Worth.

Water Pipit Oct 18 SReynaert (1)
Water Pipit by S.Reynaert