Friday 21st

A couple of new broods of Tufted Duck were on Restharrow Scrape and, excitingly, some Pochard young on RSPB Worth marshes. The latter the first confirmed breeding for many years and another high point an excellent year in the area for breeding wildfowl. Two Red Kites were spotted flying over Worth and two Green Sandpipers on the pools.

Black-headed Gulls by J.Buckingham

Thursday 20th

Singles of Great Crested Grebe and Bullfinch were seen on New Downs whilst there were still new waders and wildfowl hatching on RSPB Worth marshes. 

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Wednesday 19th

In sunny but breezy conditions there was an influx of Swifts and Sand Martins on RSPB Worth marshes, with 250 of the former and 25 of the latter. Other returning birds included a few Curlews passing by offshore and Teals on both Restharrow Scrape and New Downs.

Swallow by L.Sole

Tuesday 18th

With only one Ringed Plover on RSPB Worth marshes it looks like spring migration of waders through the site is finally coming to an end. It's been a good one. Lucky for us autumn waders are now upon us with three Wood Sandpipers and two Green Sandpipers present today. A brood of Shovelers also appeared.

Monday 17th

Both Honey-buzzard and Osprey were seen nearby today but failed to drift into the Recording Area. Instead interest was provided by a mix of two Grey Plovers, 15 Knots, and two Common Terns in Pegwell Bay, five Sand Martins over Restharrow Scrape, and the Bullfinch seen on the Estate again.

Green Woodpecker by S.Reynaert

Sunday 16th

Not so much to report today but it was great to see the brood of Pintails still alive and well on RSPB Worth marshes, with six Hobbies and 75 Swifts hawking above.

Saturday 15th

Perseverance paid off as eager eyes picked up multiple Manx Shearwaters moving offshore. The scorecard at the end of the day finished on 12 birds, which might not seem much but is a new record for Sandwich Bay (previously seven on 28th May 2000).

Friday 14th

A large number of Manx Shearwaters were reported off the Kent coast today, but mostly from the west of the County. We tried looking offshore here but with no luck. We did manage Gannets, Sandwich Terns, and singles of Fulmar and Common Scoter though. A Gadwall brood on Restharrow Scrape was the best record of the day whilst yesterday's Greenshank relocated to RSPB Worth marshes.

Thursday 13th

Two Pochards and a Greenshank on Restharrow Scrape were more signs of autumn approaching.

Pochard by P.Blanche

Wednesday 12th

A Garganey, nine Ringed Plovers, a Turtle Dove, and a party of Sand Martins were on RSPB Worth marshes, the latter presumably the first signs of autumn.....

Tuesday 11th

A cool but sunny wander around the Estate produced a male Marsh Harrier hunting over Restharrow Dunes, a male Bullfinch in the Cellars, and a showy Little Owl in the Gullies. A few Red Kites also flew over Stonar.

Sunday 9th

There was no sign of yesterday's Oriole (unsurprisingly) but two Egyptian Geese were on New Downs, a Red Kite on the Green Wall, and 80 Swifts over the Estate.

Stonechats by J.Draper

Saturday 8th

Another GOLDEN ORIOLE appeared, our fourth of the year, this time on New Downs. Although hard to see, it sang frequently around the New Downs New Pool area. Elsewhere there was a late Wood Sandpiper on RSPB Worth marshes and a male Marsh Harrier on the Estate.

Friday 7th

A very brief GOLDEN ORIOLE called on RSPB Worth marshes.

Thursday 6th

After not reported for a while, the brood of nine Pintails appeared with the female again on RSPB Worth marshes. This is a very rare breeding species in the UK with this brood thought to be the first confirmed breeding in the county since 1981. A few young Grey Herons also dropped into the marsh, having presumably fledged from somewhere not far away. Ten Hobbies and 20 Ringed Plovers were also present.

Wednesday 5th

There were still small groups of waders passing through on their way north to their breeding grounds. At least 25 Ringed Plovers were on RSPB Worth marshes and high tide at Pegwell Bay saw 12 Ringed Plovers, four Dunlins, seven Grey Plovers, two Greenshanks, and a Knot. A Red Kite also flew north during the day.

Tuesday 4th

Another group of 11 Red Kites flew north, four Egyptian Geese were on New Downs, and a gathering of 650 Starlings was on Hundred Acre field. There are now lots of young Black-headed Gulls on Restharrow Scrape.

Monday 3rd

One of yesterday's Curlew Sandpipers remained on RSPB Worth marshes. Two Garganeys were also on the flashes and 15 Red Kites flew north.

Whitethroat by J.Buckingham

Sunday 2nd

A BEE-EATER was tracked along the coast from St Margaret's and eager eyes picked it up flying over the asparagus fields and the Observatory not long after, continuing north. Eight Hobbies, two Curlew Sandpipers, and a Stonechat were also on RSPB Worth marshes.