The Big Bay Birdwatch

October Half-term: 26th October – 1st November

(or whenever you have time)

Donate your sponsorship money online via JustGiving here👇

What is the event for?

  • The idea behind the Big Bay Birdwatch is to get young people outdoors over half-term and spend a bit of time enjoying and appreciating nature. We ask that you spend at least half an hour doing a bird watch and note down all the species of birds you see! If you need help with identification, use our simple identification guide below, or try a bird ID guidebook to help you.
  • The objectives of the fundraisers are:
  • To engage more young people with nature.
  • Increase their knowledge of birds.
  • Encourage families to become more active in wildlife activities.
  • To help raise money for Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust so we can continue with our important work, from monitoring the wildlife of the Sandwich Bay area to providing nature engaging workshops and events both in schools, and at the SBBO Field Centre.
The Big Bay Birdwatch Bird ID Sheet (click to enlarge)

How to take part:

  1. Download our sponsorship form here, or use the one sent to you from your school.
  2. Raise some funds to help motivate you to get out and do some bird watching! Donations could be one-off donations for your efforts (e.g. £5), or someone could donate a certain amount for every bird species you see (e.g. 50p per species, and if you spot 10 species then the donation is £5).
  3. Go bird watching! Spend at least half an hour out and about looking for birds. Try a local nature reserve, or even set up a bird feeding station and spot birds from the comfort of your own home. Get your family involved and go on a ramble to a local woodland or wetland reserve and widen your search!
  4. Note down all the species you see.
  5. Return your sightings and collected money in a sealed envelope to your school by Friday 6th November OR send your sponsorship money to us via Just Giving by clicking HERE and pressing the blue "donate" button. If you do this, please still give all your sightings to the school so we can collate all the results.
  6. After the event we’ll share all the results and let you know what kind of things we can do for young people with the money raised!

If you would like to set up your own JustGiving fundraiser for this event click HERE and press the orange "start fundraising" button. Send your fundraiser link to friends and family so they can easily sponsor you online.

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