Wednesday Courses


The following are ONLINE ONLY events due to the Field Centre being CLOSED for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19.
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ZOOM on Wednesday evenings at SBBOT with John Buckingham

A course of two sessions – 14th and 21st April at 7.30pm – £6 per person

The months of March, April and May see the arrival of millions of birds from southern Europe and Africa, having travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles to breed during our Spring and Summer months. Their ultimate destinations will take them to habitats throughout the country, some flying direct to nest sites used in previous years while others will stop here briefly on the south coast before moving on.  As passage migrants, some will use our shores as a staging post while flying on to their more northerly or even arctic breeding grounds.

Most of the passerines migrate at night, sometimes as part of mass movements, and often people will wake up on the same morning throughout the country to the sounds of their territorial songs. They have a short enough season to raise a brood or even two or three broods of young, so no time can be wasted.

We will look at how to identify the more difficult groups such as warblers, the order in which species come to us and their average arrival dates, where they are from and the habitats they use.