How you can help

 You can help by getting involved in many ways….

  • Come and join us on 22nd November from 10am to 1pm for our second Volunteers day – it will follow a similar pattern to the first one
  • You could join one of the groups working on each of the approved purposes of which there are ten!
  • Consider  taking part in one of the KM challenges – or if that is not your kind of thing how about getting a family member or friend to take part and then sponsor them. More details here:
  • A2 Posters on sale in our shop for £5. All proceeds go towards the project. (Thanks to Nick Smith for the design).


  • A3 Posters now available – only £1!
  • If you have other ideas for fundraising activities, especially any that you would be willing to lead on, please contact the Chair of the Restharrow Scrape Fundaising committee Sally Hunter at