July 17th

Twenty new birds before the breeze halted things. Young warblers-Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Reed warbler, plus seedeaters-Goldfinch, Greenfinch and House Sparrow, made up the bulk.

July 16th

A better morning with 17 new birds. The highlights were a Wood Warbler and a Swift. Two unringed adult female Whitethroats still in breeding condition were a surprise considering ringing has continued regularly throughout the summer.

July 15th

Much quieter this morning with seven new birds- five Blackcaps, a reed warbler and a Greenfinch.

July 13th

A couple more reports- The first is of a Sparrowhawk. It was ringed as a one year old at the Bay in April 2010 and reported dying in Deal this year, a gap of 2971 days. The second is of a Reed Warbler ringed at the Bay as a juvenile at passage time ( 28/8/2015) and retrapped in Nottinghamshire twice. The first time was on 21/8/17 and the second on 31/5/18. It can now be sexed as a male and is probably breeding at the site.

July 12th

There have been more details of movements of ringed birds to and from the Bay.  The Common Gull controlled along Sandown Road in March had been ringed as a chick at Svelmo, Denmark on the 19th June 1998. This was 7195 days later. Road casualties continue to compete with cats and windows as the most frequent cause of death. This time we have heard of yet another Blackbird and a Sparrowhawk, both found locally.

July 11th

Regular ringing and maintenance work has continued whilst I was away. Twenty four birds were ringed today. This included the first Garden Warbler of the year. New Whitethroats continue to suggest a successful breeding with two more today. Six more Jackdaws provided plenty of good experience as they start to get on with their moult.