Sunday 9th

The heatwave continues and with a calm night it seemed most migrants kept going and only two new Willow warblers were caught for instance. However persistance paid off and as a gentle easterly started three Pied Flycatchers, the first of the year, were caught.

Saturday 8th

A calm, humid, start with some very light rain quickly cleared and the BBC forecast beat the Met Office forecast 2 vs 0. The former said no rain through the morning and the latter forecast 80% chance of heavy rain at 11 and 50% at 12. It did not rain.

Only a couple of ringers this morning and so 43 birds, 33 of which were new was a steady catch. There were 13 Willow and five Reed Warblers. The Willows seem in good condition and in no rush to move on there were six retraps.

Friday 7th

A calm start but with the heat forecast to increase rapidly it was pleasing to ring 23 birds before it got hot. Once again Willow Warblers led the way with nine, plus three retraps. Whitethroat came a close second with seven new birds.

Thursday 6th

A calm, cloudy, humid start yielded 32 new birds. Fifteen of these were Willow Warblers and eight Reed Warblers. other migrants included two each of Sand Martin, Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat.

Wednesday 5th

A bright sunny morning with a strong breeze. It continued to increase but did not put a stop to some movement of birds. Twenty-five were ringed including eight Willow Warblers and four Whitethroats.

Tuesday 4th

After a clear night it was an almost autumnal feel to the morning but a bright sun quickly burnt off the bands of mist. Thirty-two birds were ringed before warmth and wind closed things down. Twelve Willow Warblers and seven Sand Martins made up more than half of this. Four more Reed Warblers continued to demonstrate successful local breeding.

House Sparrows and Starlings are getting on with moult, once broods have fledged, and two of each provided good practice in moult scoring for the trainee.

Monday 3rd

An unexpected calm, overcast, start lasted long enough for 39 new birds to be ringed including 21 Willow Warblers and a Chiffchaff. Coal Tits have been seen and heard regularly this summer and a juvenile finally made it into the net today. Other warblers included five Reed, three Garden, two Whitethroats and a Lesser Whitethroat. The wind picked up quickly bring an early end to the session.

Sunday 2nd

Clear and sunny with the breeze getting up quickly. This time the migrants seem to have taken the opportunity presented by the clear night sky and moved on, there were no retrap Willow Warblers. Out of 14 new birds four were Willow Warblers and four Reed Warblers..

In spring 2019 we caught a hybrid Swallow/House Martin. It, or another, were seen again this spring and yesterday I saw a juvenile Swallow with a white rump being fed on the wing.

Saturday 1st

A calm, muggy, start with a narrow band of cloud arriving from the west followed by clear, hot, breezy conditions meant another early finish. Eighteen birds were ringed including eight Willow Warblers and four Whitethroats.

The most interesting bird was a retrap Woodpigeon and I do not think I have said that before! It was originally ringed as a bird of the year in September 2007, retrapped in May 2012 and again today. The oldest known BTO Woodpigeon is a bit older than this but to have survived the range of shooting interests around here is very good going.