Monday 3rd

A clear start to the night so the temperature dip a bit to 14.9 C. The highlight was another Acrobasis tumidana. There were two more Golden Twin-spots and seven Silver Ys. Square-spot Rustic was new for the year.

Dangerous to look ahead but the forecast for the end of the week is looking hopeful.

Sunday 2nd

No cloud last night so it was a tiny bit cooler at 16.2 C but it meant the bright moon is having more effect.

There were 431 moths of 109 species. This time there was a Diamondback but the main features were again local moths. This was headed by five Golden Twinspots and another Plumed Fanfoot. There was another Small Scallop and Tawny-speckled Pug was new for the year.

Saturday 1st

After such a hot day, followed by the wind dropping and a bit of cloud to shade some of the bright moon, it was not a surprise the temperature did not fall below a muggy 17.8⁰C. There was a big catch of 563 moths of 115 species. Very surprisingly there were few migrants – only an Oak Processionary (this is the one they are spraying Oak trees to kill, despite the constant influx) and a Dark Sword-grass. There were no Silver Y’s or Diamondbacks.

Local moths of note included 16 Tree Lichen Beauties, Matthew’s Wainscot, and the first Golden Twin-spot and Twin-spotted Wainscots (2) of the year.