Thursday 15th

New Downs was rather windy but during sunny spells eight Small Red-eyed Damselflies, ten Blue-tailed Damselflies, eight Common Blue Damselflies, nine Ruddy Darters, one Common Darter, four Emperors, and 55 Migrant Hawkers were recorded. Best of all were signs of egg laying by Willow Emerald Damselfly along the edge of New Downs New Pool.

Wednesday 7th

Not a bad selection on the Estate with a late Variable Damselfly, five Black-tailed Skimmers, nine Emperors, ten Ruddy and Common Darters, and 45 Migrant Hawkers.

Tuesday 6th

Seven Willow Emerald Damselflies on the Estate in the same area as before.

Friday 2nd

At least four Willow Emerald Damselflies on the Estate today, mostly in or around the nettles by the Haven. A Brown Hawker was nearby which is surprisingly notable with few around so far, as with Southern Hawker.