Moth Nights

Moth nights

Garden Tiger MothUnfortunately these cannot happen at the moment. We will announce here when they are set to restart.

We trap many migrant as well as local moths and the traps are always full of interesting species.

The evenings start at 6.00pm.

There is no charge for these events, but donations to SBBOT are appreciated.

Click HERE to see our recent Moth sightings

Some pictures from our previous moth evenings:



Somewhere under here is a Clifden Nonpareil Photo of photography Sally Hunter 15/09/2018

Somewhere under here is a Clifden Nonpareil.

Clifden Nonpareil.First observatory record. I Hunter. 15/9/18.

Clifden Nonpareil.First observatory record 15.11.19


Attendees at the last moth night of the year enjoying the moths. Sally Hunter 15/09/2018